Zicam Cold Sore Swabs Sold Here

Once upon a time there was a product that helped alleviate the common cold.  Sometimes it made the cold go away before it started.  Other times it made the
symptoms much more mild than they usually would be.  The product was called Zicam Cold Remedy gel, and came in a .5 oz bottle of gel, or in medicated swabs,
with the active ingredient being "Zincum Gluconicum 2x."  However, in June of 2009 the FDA issued a "warning letter" to Matrixx, the manufacturer of Zicam, telling
them to discontinue making the product until more studies could be done, and ordering them to seek FDA approval before their Cold Remedy Gels could be
marketed again even as a homeopathic drug.  Matrixx stocks plunged, as they complied with the warning letter.  This was NEVER AN FDA RECALL!  This was an
FDA WARNING LETTER.   Another Over the Counter health care product that has been used for DECADES was recently discontinued, not because it caused
health issues, but because it MIGHT harm the ozone layer.  Primatene Mist was discontinued in December of 2011 and is no longer being made.
Here is an awesome blog by John Wilkenson about why he thinks the
FDA sent a warning letter to Matrixx, the manufacturers of Zicam.  He
says it is politically motivated...and it seems too much of a
coincidence to be anything else.
Zicam COLD SORE Gel Swabs - This product has also been discontinued by
the manufacturer because it contains
Active ingredients:
Zincum Aceticum 2X
Zincum Gluconicum 2X
$34.99 for a box of 10 sealed swabs. $4.00 shipping in the USA.
10/2011 to 01/2012. The January 2012 date is the last known
expiration date, before they were discontinued.
Swabs are individually sealed and are effective well past these dates.
Box of 10
Active Ingredient
Zincum Gluconicum
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